FEMALE Tries: sloggi mOve Wireless Sports Bra


Move because you love to, not because you should!

Photography: sloggi

sloggi has just launched its new athleisure collection that’s perfect for any type of movement or exercises. With three lines of sports bras called ‘FLOW’, ‘FLEX’ and ‘FLY’, the mOve range is dedicated to those of us who demand comfort from start to end no matter what type of activity and prefer to move because we love to, not because we should. And as someone who has failed multiple times to keep a fixed workout schedule, I can definitely relate to sloggi’s new collection!

Photography: sloggi

What is it?
When I was given the opportunity to try the ‘FLOW’ wireless sports bra, I was quite excited as this particular line was designed for low impact exercises and slow movement – perfect for getting myself back in it! Its light and thin fabrics were constructed to wick away moisture and prevent odour while retaining the body’s temperature and aiding blood circulation with the help of BIO HeatSol technology.

Photography: sloggi

The verdict
With a couple of yoga classes, a full day at work and an intensive interval training with the ‘FLOW’ wireless sports bra, I have to say that it controlled moisture really well and was very comfortable throughout all my activities. The lightweight materials didn’t stick to my skin uncomfortably and surprisingly gave me the support I needed during the intensive workout. What’s more is that sweat dried really fast after a grueling workout too, which is a big plus for me!

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