Dan + Shay Listened to Their Wives…And Won a Grammy for "Tequila"


Dan + Shay bucked the norm and what do they have to show from it? A Grammy.

The country duo spoke to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet after winning the Best Country Duo Group Performance Grammy for their song “Tequila.”

“That felt good,” Dan Smyers told Seacrest.

So, what were they feeling when they got the award? “I’ll let you know in like 30 minutes when I’ve calmed down. I honestly thought I was going to pass out on stage,” Shay Mooney told us.

“I thanked Ryan Seacrest that’s about it,” Smyers said about his time on stage after winning.

The duo celebrated with an appropriate drink: tequila. The song wasn’t exactly embraced by people behind the scenes, but Dan + Shay said they stuck with their gut.

“There were some people who said a ballad will never make its way up the charts, it’s all about tempo, tempo, tempo…We were proud of the song. our wives are our best A&R, if they like a song that’s a good song,” Smyers  said. “We took a risk and went with it…it’s still going, it came out January 10 of last year and it’s still going, so it’s fun.”

As for how they’ll celebrate, Mooney said he’s going to pour tequila in the Grammy and drink from it.

“Tequila” is the lead single of their self-titled third studio album, full released on June 22, 2018.

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